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A club devoted to the Adirondacks and those who love it.

The Adirondack Wilderness Club
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Welcome to the Adirondacks!

Welcome to the Adirondacks, a place, a dream, an experiment to see if it is possible for wilderness and people to co-exist. Part of the Northern Forests that stretch from the area surrounding Lake Superior in the Northwest to Maine and the Maritime Provinces in the Northeast, the Adirondacks stand supreme in the geographical middle. Covering over six million acres in northern New York, they are home to slightly more than 110,000 year-round residents. A little less than half of the area is protected as forever wild by the State Constituion. Private holdings are dominated by timber and paper companies and large private land owners and clubs. A majority of the year-round residents live on small lots in the small towns and hamlets where they try to eke out a living as best they can.

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In the High Peaks

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